Work Order Overview

AvSight Work Orders

Work Order Overview

This article will provide a high level overview of the work order process and provide a list of items that will need to be set up prior to processing work orders.  Some of the lengthy or more complex steps will be covered in separate articles that will provide the necessary detail.  Some steps will also require working in the SalesForce and AvSight administration areas and will require appropriate cautions.

Prerequisites: None

User Level: Intermediate to Advanced

The Work Order Module in AvSight is designed to help companies adhere to and document steps that are required by the FAA and other standards organizations.  The module is divided into three main areas:  Work Orders, Work Order Tasks and Work Order Tools.  To access the Work Order Module, click the Apps Launcher and select AvSight Work Order from the available applications.

Work Orders This tab allows you to create new or view and edit existing Work Orders.

Work Order Tasks  This tab allows you to create new or view and edit existing tasks that can be assigned to a Work Order.

Work Order Tools  This tab allows you to record labor, assign materials used or view tasks assigned to a particular WO (Mobile Technician)

Prerequisite Tasks

Prior to creating and working on Work Orders, a number of items need to be configured or set up.

  • Enable required settings in AvSight Settings
  • Create Skills (these may also be created on the fly)
  • Assign Skills to employees
  • Create Tools in inventory (these may be created on the fly)
  • Create Tasks
  • Create Templates (optional)

Enabling Work Order Settings in AvSight Settings

A number of settings will need to be configured before using the WO Module.  Instructions on adjusting these settings can be found in the article Managing AvSight Settings in the knowledgebase.

WO Block for allocating LOT Parts  Enabling this setting will prevent parts that are part of a LOT to be used with Work Orders.  Parts with a LOT Owner Code will not display when assigning parts to a WO.

WO Block for allocating Consignment Part This behaves the same way as the LOT setting, but for parts that are part of a consignment.  It is recommended to enable this setting since using consignment parts for a WO will create difficulties in tracking and accounting for consignment parts.

Require PIN with Electronic Signature  This setting requires the use of a PIN in addition to an electronic signature when signing off on any tasks or inspections in a WO.  This is REQUIRED by FAA rules.

Restrict Electronic Signature Deletion  Enabling this setting prevents electronic signatures from being deleted. This is REQUIRED by FAA rules.

Restrict ALL Document Deletion  Enabling this setting prevents any documents from being deleted.  This is REQUIRED by FAA rules.

WO validation for Inventory Expiration Enabling this setting provides a warning if parts or tools have reached their expiration date.


Skills determine what tasks can be performed by an employee and are typically dependent on certification or specialized training. Skills are created in Work Order Admin and assigned in the Employee Master.  Only employees with a particular, assigned skill will be able to see tasks requiring that skill.


Tools are a special type of Part Master and individual tools are carried in an inventory.  Individual tools carry a history of use (assigned WO tasks) as well as certification, inspection and calibration history if applicable.


Tasks are the individual work items that are used in a WO.  Each task can carry a number of steps as part of the task and tasks are assigned by skill.


Templates allow the creation of reusable groups of tasks, parts, tools, skills and scopes. Using templates greatly simplifies creating work orders for often repeated jobs.

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