Entering and Maintaining Your Employees

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Entering and Maintaining Your Employees


Creating a New Company

Entering an Maintaining Your Company Locations

Creating User Accounts

Information need to complete the steps:

List of user accounts for AvSight

Company ID created in New Company Article

Company location ID created in Entering and Maintaining Your Company Locations Article

This article will help you enter your employees into the system along with other important information such as defaults and preferences that will help them do their job more efficiently. Employees are AvSight users that perform tasks in the system, such as warehouse personnel, sales people, etc. Each SalesForce user account must be associated with an employee record in order to work in the system. (See required articles above).

 Creating a or Maintaining an Employee

  1. Log in to your AvSight instance and select the Administration tab on the right side of the AvSight menu. On narrower resolution screens you may need to select the More tab and choose Administration from the drop down list.
  2. Make sure that Company Admin is selected and then choose Employee Master. This will open the Employees screen.
    • By default, the Employees screen defaults to Recently Viewed, to change this select the drop down next to Recently Viewed and choose All.  This will ensure an employee hasn’t already been set up.
  3. Select New from the Page Menu on the right side of the Employees screen and the New Employee form will open. If editing an existing employee, select the employee number from the list.
    • Required Fields:
      • AvSight User Name (See related articles below)
      • Company ID
  4. In the User field, begin typing the AvSight user name and the type ahead feature will show the available user names to select. Select the desired name.
  5. Click in the Company field and type the Company ID created previously or part of the company name and select search in the resulting drop down.
  6. All other fields on the employee screen are optional. If you are done entering information click Save.

Employee Optional Fields

Using Email Signatures

AvSight provides the ability to create a custom email signature that can be added at the end of emails created within the system. Clicking the pencil icon next to the Email Signature field will open a basic editor that will allow you to create the signature.  The editor allow the choice of several fonts, sizes and colors as well as formatting options.  It will also allow for images, links lists.

Using Electronic Signatures

Avsight also allows the creation of electronic signatures suitable for signing documents and certifications as part of the Work Order function. The Signature field provides similar functionality to the Email Signature field, but also provides the ability to capture an electronic signature as well.  Before an electronic signature can be created and used, the feature must be enabled in  AvSight Settings and the user must create a PIN.  This will prevent unauthorized use of the electronic 

signature. To capture a signature, click the Capture Signature button from the page level menu to open the Capture Signature box.  Sign within the signature box and click Save.  The signature will then be available for use on forms that allow electronic signatures.

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