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Create a Tool Part Number (Part Master)

  1. Navigate to the AvSight application, and navigate to the Administration tab
  2. On the Administration page, click the Inventory Admin tab and click the Part Master button to create new and view existing skills
  3. To create a new Tool part number click the New button in the upper right
  4. On the New Part Master page, enter the Tool Master Information
    • Required Fields:
      • Part Number
      • Keyword
      • Tool?
        • While not required to create the part master, checking the box “Tool?” is required for the part to be used as a tool.
    • Complete any additional fields as described below.
  5. Click Save

Important Fields of note:

  • Serialized?
    • This field determines if this tool master is a serialized tool. A serial number could be a serialized number engraved on the tool, or it could be a company defined number (T-001, T-002, etc)
  • Calibration Required?
    • Certain tools require periodic calibration (torque wrenches, etc) and checking this box ensures that those dates are tracked.

Create a Tool Record (Individual Tool)

  1. Navigate to the AvSight application, and navigate to the Inventory tab
  2. To create a new tool, click New in the Inventory screen
  3. On the New Inventory page, enter the Tool Information
    • Required Fields:
      • Part Number – The part number of the tool you are creating
      • Serial Number (If the part is marked as “Serialized?”)
      • Condition Code
      • Owner Code
      • Warehouse
      • Location
      • Protected
      • Protected Reason
  4. Click Save
  5. To add quantities to the tool record, click the Inventory Update button at the top right of the screen
  6. In the New box, enter the quantity of this tool you have in stock. If this is a serialized tool, the quantity must be 1
  7. Click Submit

Important Fields of note:

  • Last Calibration Date
  • Next Calibration Date
  • Last Inspection Date
  • Next Inspection Date

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