Sequoia S3 Release Notes

This release contains many requested features plus many roadmap features for Avsight.  We will be providing more detailed user guides around the different areas in our Knowledge Base site found here:

Important: Once your upgrade has been completed you will need to review the *Invoice section for new functionality. If you require additional information please see If further assistance is needed please contact



  • Added Automatic PartsBase Inventory uploads.  This allows for nightly uploads to PartsBase (PartsBase subscription required).
  • In Administration-Master Tables-Form Options, added a “Title” field so you can title your own documents. The documents will print with the name you enter into this new field.
  • Fixed the Footers on the forms to allow much more information.


  • Added a setting for preventing receipts of repair orders when Final Repair Cost is left blank (will allow zero cost or higher but not to be left blank). This is a policy setting for the entire company. The setting can be turned off if you allow receiving of parts from repair without a cost.
  • Added a setting for allowing Part Research Column customizations
  • Added a setting for allowing PN creation during uploads
  • Added a setting for turning on the Max Margin Targets on Quotes
  • Added a setting for turning on the Min Margin Targets on Quotes
  • Added a setting for turning on Account Approvals. If this setting is on, the Account fields for CQ Approved, SO Approved, RFQ Approved, PO Approved, RO Approved settings will need to be selected so that account can be used.
  • Added a setting for turning on Docking in Receiving.
  • Added a setting for showing Hazmat warnings in OPS queues
  • Added a setting for Inventory Groupings. This allows stocking and sales of serialized items without dealing with the serial numbers until Outbound QC. Outbound QC will be the ones that will require to select the SNs being shipped, not Sales. This feature is used by distributors for non-TSO type parts like Megaphones and Pilot supplies.


  • Added Automated Account Approvals.
    • This is a new tab at the Accounts page that allows entries to be added to support the approvals given to that account like CQ, SO, RFQ, PO, RO, and WO.  For example: A PO approval may be given to an account based on their ISO certification.
    • The entries have the option of an expiration date and option to automatically remove the approval for the module. For example, when their ISO certification expires, the PO approval can be automatically removed so no more POs can be created on that account until the PO approval is allowed again.
    • For those entries where the option for automatically un-approving the account was selected, an email is automatically sent out to QA to notify of the action taken.
    • You can run reports on the Account Approvals as needed.


  • Added a part lookup option to Part Research as a new button to the right of the PN entry field. This allows more flexibility for searching by Keyword, Description, and Serial Number. This also provides some feedback in the results with quantities, manufacturer, etc.
  • Added a “Filter” at top middle of the Part Research page for filtering all of the results to one specific serial number. This allows quick research into a serialized part.
  • Added a customization option (Gear Icon at title of each box) to Part Research where user can select which columns they want visible in their boxes.
  • Added ability to customize the column titles of all the boxes in Part Research at the company level. This is found in Administration-Company-AvSight Field Metadatas and affects all users in your company.
  • Added an “Active Parts Research” at bottom of all screens. Depending on the module you are in, you can quickly search for the part number of any active lines you are working on. This works in the Quotes, RFQ, PO, RO, SO and RO screens. 

QUOTE 360 (Screen for EDI Quotes)

  • Added ILS as a new source for pulling RFQs. This can be set up to be pulled automatically in Administration->Company->Data Service Settings plus some settings support will need to do once ILs confirms they have turned on their side for RFQ pulls. (ILS Subscription required)
  • Added a retrieve button so RFQs can be pulled immediately from ILS or PartsBase and not have to wait until the next pull. This helps the user for right before lunch and at the end of day. (PartsBase subscription required)
  • Improved search fields have been added for quicker looks ups of customer name, Part Number and DS ID. This will assist you sorting by customers, part numbers or combining quotes lines with the same DS ID
  • You are now able to map contacts from RFQs to customer’s account from the quoting screen.
  • Can now handle multiple line RFQs combined instead of having to work them separately.


  • Creating Quotes from Part Research-Inventory Line, if the inventory line has a price, the price is copied to the quote line price.
  • Added a Customer Part Number field to capture the customer’s original requested part number.
  • Added the Shipping Addresses options to the Quote header and if used, they will be copied over to the Sales Order created from the Quote.


  • Additional options added for easier conversion of quotes to sales orders. 

1- Copy Internal Comments?

2- Copy External Comments?

3- Copy Customer Reference Number and Customer Reference Line # from the lines?

4- Copy Ship Method?


  • Added an Exchange Agreement document to Quotes and Sales order for exchange sales. 
  • In Gen Release, Line Details, Added Line Type as column (Outright, Exch, Return Core). This is so that user can tell he selected right type of line when selecting to generate the release.
  • Added a check box for “Only show available” when allocating from inventory this is set to on by default.  This will help with larger inventory of the same condition you are allocating for your SO. It will now only show quantities available in the condition required. You can uncheck it if you would like to show all inventory regardless of condition. 
  • Quick Allocation now has a “Skip Line” feature when allocating SO lines.  You can now skip over any lines where you do not want to allocate and continue onto the next SO lines. 
  • Added more columns of data to the Deallocate dialogue to make it easier to select the correct inventory line. 
  • Proforma Invoice can now handle many lines
  • Added a reference to the SO line to show the inventory line that was used when the customer was quoted. This will make allocating the correct line much easier.
  • Added more columns of data to the Generate Release screen for the lines ready to be released. Now shows the Line Type like Outright, Exchange, and Credit types.


  • Added owner code to the Billing of charges for exchanges. This will allow for costing rules based on the owner code type to be applied to the charges.
  • Added a built in Exchange agreement to both Quotes and Sales Orders.


  • Added “Finalized Resolution” picklist to capture the end result of the RMA. Provides better reporting.
  • Fixed the RMA error due to the SO Status


  • Moved Invoices to be their own object. Provides better controls of Invoices.
  • Added a new feature for emailing of invoices. This new feature requires the Account to be marked as “Auto-Send” and provide a Billing Contact and email address. It will also require the setting of a time to send out the invoices which can be found under Company, Financial Information.  We recommend sending your invoices after closing time in order to provide you with a window where you can still use the “Cancel Shipment” button before the invoice gets sent to your customer. Once an invoice gets sent, you will not be able to cancel a release and will need to do an RMA instead.
  • Added a queue for reviewing invoices. The queue can be found in the Invoice List Views and provides multiple ways to view the Invoices.
    • Those Ready to be Emailed
    • Those Not ready to be Emailed
    • Those that have already been emailed
    • Those that were cancelled

Please see knowledge base file on how set up your invoices for auto emailing and to read more about the additional features. 


  • Added a new button and screen for Owner Code Adjustments for use with LOTs and Consignments.  It is now possible to select from a picklist of different types of adjustments to make against that owner code. The cost is then applied to the Owner code account as expenses if you have the Accounting Package integration.
  • Added a new Consignment Management screen with a process for managing the consignor payables. You can select the sales lines to process for payment and provide a report for your consignment.
  • Added a new field labeled “Move Repair Cost to Accrual? When checked, the repair costs incurred in the inventory will be added to the accrued cost at the owner code level instead of being added to the individual inventory lines.  This was built primarily for Consignments but is not the industry norm.


  • Drop ship address feature has been added to PO headers. It is now possible to drop ship the parts to a different Account like another vendor or to your customer. You will still need to receive the parts as paperwork only once Proof of Delivery is provided by the supplier.
  • Added Return for Credit on purchase orders to process return to credit to vendor. Now you can create a release and ship the part back to the vendor with a packing slip through shipping. 
  • Added Return Core to Vendor option – This is listed with return for credit on the PO line. Using this function allows return of a purchased exchange core without any cost being credited. 
  • Added a Material Cert option for PO Returns.
  • Added Quick Comments feature to Header and Lines.
  • Added a “Pay” processing of the Credit Memo from vendor for Returns.


  • Drop ship address feature has been added to RO headers. It is now possible to drop ship the return of the repaired part to a different Account like directly to your customer. You will still need to receive the parts as paperwork only once Proof of Delivery is provided by the repair vendor.
  • Added the ability to break out Parts, Labor, and Misc. Costs of your unit being repaired on ROs. (for reporting purposes only).
  • Added “Repair Type” to orders. As a picklist of different types of repairs. Out of the box options are OEM, PMA, DER AND PMA DER but you may add as many options as you’d like. The repair type selected in the RO line will be copied over to the Inventory Line when the parts are received.  The original repair type is now Line Type.
  • Added new date tracking fields on RO lines for follow up: RFQ sent date, Quote Received date, Quote Approved date, Shipped date.
  • Added a “Split Line” button on the RO Line for handling parts returned in differing conditions and/or costs. For example, if you send qty 10 for overhaul and 3 scrap, you would split the original line to leave qty 7 for the overhauled units on the original line and add the qty 3 into a new line with the applicable condition code and costs.
  • Added Quick Comments feature to Header and Lines.
  • Fixed bug when re-selecting inventory on the RO lines where the expected information was not being reset.


  • Added a link to the Owner Code to be able to get to the owner code details directly.
  • Urgency of order has been added to release header and operations queues.
  • Added Release number to mobile picking as a column and for sorting. 
  • Added a “Print All” button to the output of the generate documents screens for selecting multiple documents at once for printing. 
  • Added integration for Zenkraft.  It is a 3rd party software program on the Salesforce App Exchange that can be directly integrated with AvSight for providing shipping services. It will also provide alerts between your company, customers, and shipping carriers to cover your shipping needs. Look them up in the Salesforce APP exchange for further info. (Additional charges will apply for the setup of AvSight and Zenkraft in addition to the monthly costs for the Zenkraft subscription).
  • Added a new option for being able to receive against LOT and Consignment POs.
  • Fixed Rejection Management bug with quantities.
  • Added the feature to be able to upload images/documents at the OPS queues.
  • Added Urgency field to the Release Header and to the OPS queues.
  • Added a “Print All” feature to the OPS queue for when printing out many certs.
  • Mobile picking now has sorting and filtering.


  • Added a Docking option to Receiving. As boxes come in, you can log them and they are then visible in the receiving screen to assist in early notification of upcoming receiving. 
  • PO/RO receiving has been improved to better handle tied lines and for LOT and Consignment receiving.

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