Redwood R6 Release Notes

Latest Improvements and New Features Added

To Do (Below is required before some of the features will show up)

  • Click the Updates on the Upgrade Console if any are available.

New Functionality

  • Added new “Sales Tools” Menu with options for Create RMA, RMAs, and Customer Exchange Summaries.

  • Added RMA Module

    • Create RMA
      •   Search for SO number, select lines, edit qty and price if needed, select RMA type. Approve RMA in status bar to allow receipts and credits. Email RMA to customer
      •  NOTE: 3 types of RMA: Credit, Warranty Replacement, and Warranty Repair. All 3 types are available to select when creating the RMA but only Credit has the Generate Credit feature completely built. You can still use the other 2 options and handle the replacements/repair manually until we automate them in a coming release.
    • Receive RMA
      • Search for RMA number, receive parts returned as applicable, select condition code, qty, location and TD info as needed.
    • Generate Credit
      • Within RMA screen, click Generate Credit, select which lines are ready to credit, confirm qty, freight, etc and generate the Credit Memo. New lines will be added to your SO with negative quantities showing the credits given. Print, email credit as needed.
    • Audit Trail for RMA module
  • Expanded Internal Comments on Part Research to show 8 lines of comments by default
  • Added a Trace Field for Inventory, fill in at time of Receiving and copied over to Customer Quotes if using the “Select Inventory” option at the quote line.

  • Added copy of condition code when “Selecting Inventory” in Customer Quote Line

  • Modified Delivery field in Customer Quotes so that “0” or “Stock” entered into the Quote line will display as “Stock” in Quote sent to customer.

  • Added Alert to “Cancel Shipment” feature found in the Release screen when Release is invoiced

  • Implemented Export Holds for Repair Orders to work just like Sales Orders

    • Note: You have to set the Export logic in the Company settings, then mark the Parts, Vendor, and/or Warehouse as Export controlled. Doing so will automatically place the Release on Export Hold in the Hold queue until someone releases the hold.

  • Added an additional ATA Cert in Landscape mode to Generate Docs for Releases.

  • Now storing Location entered during receiving process to the Receipt record.

  • Added Loading Spinners to prevent double clicks on all actions.

  • Improved error handling on all screens

Bug Fixes

  • Changed Part Research search lookup to only use wildcard at the end instead of both the beginning and end as it was causing problems with short part numbers not being found and sometimes displaying no results found.

  • Now Allows Inventory to be displayed on the Quantity Available box in Part Research even if the Condition Code is not shown in the Summary area. Also now shows inventory with allocated quantities that would have Qty Available = 0 since all has been reserved.

  • Clone RFQs now sets the new RFQ to current date and current user.

  • Clone Quotes now sets the new Quote to current date and current user.

  • Fixed mappings for Trace, Tag/Tag Date when creating Quote from an Inventory Line in Part Research. Uses Conversion Tag Agency logic for clients with conversion data.

  • Fixed mappings for Trace, Tag/Tag Date when bringing data from Inventory Selected in the Customer Quote lines option. Uses Conversion Tag Agency logic.

  • Fixed bug where Tag Date from RFQ Line copied incorrectly to CQ line.

  • Fixed where date was displaying incorrectly on CQ Line. Changed display component from date to text.

  • Had to create new Qty on RMA and Qty Returned fields on SO Line as they were create incorrectly as currency fields.

  • Removed ‘None’ option in Hold area in Generate Release because it was erroring when selected.

  • Modified 8130 and ATA Cert forms so that borders don’t overflow

  • No longer allow user to ship release from SO Generate Release when the release is to go on Hold for any reason.

  • Fixed label-hidden issue introduced by Summer 18 release

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