Sequoia S1 Release Notes

This release is the largest release yet with many features added to the system.  We will be providing more detailed information around the different areas that were affected in a separate, more detailed documentation later.




  • Added multi ship addresses capability to accounts for Sales.
  • In Accounts, organized two areas for Customer and Vendor specific fields.
  • Added # of days to Account Terms for calculating due dates on payments and billings.
  • Add Vendor Terms to Accounts to capture your terms assigned to you by your vendors.
  • Added a Billing Contact Phone and Email and used on Sales Invoices.
  • Added Duplicate Rules to help prevent duplicates in Accounts and be able to Merge if any found.
  • Added option that can be turned on in your org and then the fields in Accounts to be able to mark them as "Approved" for use in RFQ/PO/RO/Quotes/SO/WO.
  • Added Business ID # (Tax ID #) and a checkbox to Track if 1099 is needed for the Account in vendor area.
  • Added a new object for "Aircraft Engine Listings" under Account Related Lists. Build your own ACAS type listing.
  • In creating company in QB, remove the spaces for the -C and -V.
  • Use Term’s and Vendor Terms # of Days for Due Dates for Billing and Invoice integration into QB.


  • Added rejection process for receiving.
  • On RMA-Ex and SO-Exchange receipts, show Exchange info.
  • When receiving RO parts, default all the relevant fields from the original part in the TD fields.
  • Improved the error Message displaying when receiving an RO with a serialized part and missing the serial number.
  • Receiving Exchange-Receipt record now shows the document number being received against.
  • Added a Cancel Receipt button to Receipts which would undo the receipt.  The PO/RO is placed back ready to receive again and any inventories received are removed.
  • On RMA receipt, the inventory line is marked as Protected with reason of Customer RMA.
  • Increased speed of the Mass Update box in receiving large orders.


  • Removed Freight charge field from RO Release Shipping as it was not valid as a billable item.
  • Bug fix- in ship of Exchange where a partial qty of the Original is shipped, a split of the original is done but not all the data fields were being copied over.


  • Added a limit the number of records returned on the home screen, RFQ, Quotes, etc.
  • Added a configurable option to upper right of Part Research that allows user to choose between creating CQ, RFQ, or RO in a new tab.
  • Added an Owner Code Analysis feature as a new tab under owner codes.
  • Added time to Audit Trail dates and sort descending by date time for better understanding of order.
  • Added a Cancel Button to Generate Documents components to easily exit.
  • Added Exchange type with respective fields to RFQs to capture vendor quotes.
  • Changed the Inventory select on the RO Lines to show the results sorted by Serial Number.
  • Fixed Button Alignment for "Add Inventory" on RO Lines Edit/New.
  • Added the new Vendor Terms field to PO and RO Header screen and to Documents.
  • For Payment screen in RO/PO, added calculation for Payment Due Date and can be overridden if needed.
  • PO and RO Headers now use the new Vendor Terms under Accounts.
  • Added more inventory data fields to the RO Select Inventory screen.
  • Add more fields to the PO/RO "Pay" screen and automatically calculate due dates based on Vendor Terms for the account.
  • Added links for the file attachments to the Customer Quote PDF so customer can click them and see attachments when looking at the PDF.
  • Quotes with inventory lines referenced on the quote line will be cloned with the same inventory lines referenced.
  • Added a sales margin alert feature that can be turned on/off. It will show warnings if you quote is below or above your margin targets.
  • In Quote doc, prevented empty fields from showing in Customer area. Also expanded Comments to go across more columns.
  • Added Part Number to Release Line screen.
  • SO Improvements have been added to make it easier to keep track when working many lines on an order.
  • Added more of the inventory fields to the SO allocation screen.
  • Prevent users from being able to use the Credit Type in the SO line Order Type picklist. Credits must be issued from the RMA screen.
  • Added a Cancel Shipment button to Releases to undo a shipment. This is not an RMA as it places the Release back into a ready state to be shipped again later. We recommend only using this feature if the parts are still in house and under your control and shipment was prematurely done or by mistake.
  • Added validation to prevent Non-Inv Part Numbers to be used on SO Exchanges.
  • Added Visual Flowcharts to the Help button for the Exchange and RMA screens with description of processes.
  • Added help text to the Company fields for the Part master setup to designate the standard fees required in RMA and Exchanges.
  • Added Status Path to Exchange screen.
  • Added a Bill Charges feature/button to Exchange screen to bill miscellaneous fees like Late Fee, Handling Fee.
  • Added a Bill Core/Outright button to Exchange screen.
  • Added a Release Protected Inventory feature/button to Exchange screen.
  • Added a Return Core feature/button to Exchange screen when the core fails and needs to be returned to customer.
  • Added a Reopen Core Due feature/button to the Exchange screen to be able to receive another core from customer.
  • Added a Bill Core Repair Charge feature/button to Exchange screen.
  • Added a Close Exchange feature/button to Exchange screen.
  • Added a Cancel Exchange feature/button to Exchange screen.
  • Added corresponding statuses to Exchange Activities for each process being done.
  • Added more related lists to the Exchange screen.
  • Added Exchange Order information to the TAs created during exchange activities.
  • Added Related Lists to Exchange page to show any related RMAs.
  • Bug fix - In Exchanges, Original SN and Original Condition Code was being overwritten with the Core received info. The fields under Original Information should be from the Original transaction and not ever change.
  • RMA Header Field for Total Amount updates now.
  • Added automatic update to RMA Line Status based on Quantity fields.
  • Added a Send Replacement feature/button to RMAs to facilitate the sending of replacements for Warranty Replacement.
  • In RMA, only allow Generate of Credit, Release Inventory, Send Repaired, Send Replacement once status is Approved or beyond.
  • Added validation to RMAs to prevent the use of issuing credits for Warranty Repair type.
  • Added a Send Repaired feature to RMA Warranty Repair type for sending repaired parts back to customer.
  • Added a Release Protected Inventory feature/button to RMA to remove the Customer RMA protection at the inventory when accepting a part.
  • Added a Return Part feature/button to RMA to make it easy to return a rejected RMA part back to customer.
  • Added more related lists to Company page like locations, employees, etc.
  • Added a RMA and a Receipts history box to Part Research-History tab.
  • Added RMA-Issue Credit ability for Non-Inv transactions.
  • In RMA-"Issue Credit", the Credit Memo is automatically saved now.
  • Added Exchange info to the Create RMA screen to see the exchange details when creating RMAs against Exchanges.
  • Added a Cancel feature/button to RMAs that are no longer needed or valid.
  • Added a Complete feature/button to RMA for closing out a RMA.
  • Replaced the retired Qty BKD column with Qty Open in Part Research-Sales Order History table.
  • Retired Quantity Bkd on SO Line as we already have the Qty columns needed.


  • Finalized Barcodes and Printing. 2 standard barcodes are available, a 7 field and a 14 field label. Please send in a support ticket if you need information on the equipment and setup.
  • Added validation for keyword length at 15 characters when inserting new parts during an import. Ticket # 1923.
  • Import Inventory, added TAs for inventory accounting postings.
  • Added an inventory "put away" process via a single inventory transfer feature for use on tablet.
  • Added a 2nd Location field to Inventory to be used as a sub-location and display in OPS screens and docs.
  • Added additional fields to the Inventory locations for Height, Length and Width.
  • Added HazMat fields to Part Master and added warnings to OPS screens.
  • Added a filter to the OPS queues for controlling the results to include only shipments due today or to include future items.
  • Added new fields to Part Master for future planning.
  • Added an Original Inventory ID field and now able to identify whether an inventory line came from another preexisting inventory line.
  • Added an automated feature for loading Inventory to ILS. The automated one are for customers with the ILS connection and the manual one provides a file you can download from AvSight for uploading manually to ILS. The setting is under Administration->Company settings. The manual file can be found under Related Lists for Company.
  • Added protection to the received exchange core so it cannot be sold until the core is accepted and Released into inventory.
  • Added additional related lists to the Inventory page and added additional columns of information to many of the related lists.
  • Bug fix - prevent Inventory Delete, must use Inventory Update to reduce qty instead.

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