Redwood R7 Release Notes

AvSight Release R7 – Latest Features Added

To Do (Below is required before some of the features will show up on your screens)

  • Click the Updates on the Upgrade Console first! This is seen on your Admin’s home page and shows all the new fields that now need to be accepted into your AvSight screens.

New Functionality

Multiple Areas

  • Added Rich Text fields for external comments to Headers and Lines of Quotes, SOs, RFQs, POs, and ROs. These external comments are shown in the docs generated by each module and will be formatted as you format them in the rich text window.
  • Added a “Lines List View” like the one we have in ROs to Quotes, PO, and RFQ. This allows viewing and editing many lines much easier. You may have to refresh the normal ‘Edit Lines’ screen for the changes to show if you immediately navigate to it after making changes in the new screen.
  • OPS screens are now scrollable on iPads.
  • Shortened the Part Master “Keyword” field to a max of 15 characters. This is needed as Keyword is what is displayed in documents and uploaded to integrations like ILS. Please make Keyword short and descriptive as Part Description can be as long as needed.


  • In the Administration area, we have added new menu buttons for new functionality under the related setup buttons. For example, we have added a Part Master Import and a Part Master Merge feature under the existing Part Master setup button. We have also added Secondary Inventory Imports, and all Pricing Imports under the respective setup. We are planning on adding Condition Code Merge on next release.  See below for more details on each added feature.
  • Added an “ILS-Manual” upload feature under Administration->Company Admin->Company Master setup. Using the “Nightly Data Load” field, set to “ILS-Manual”, add your ILS Client ID and set whether you want Alternate Part Numbers, open PO, and open ROs to be included in the file for ILS.  Each night, there will be a file created under Company->your company->All Related tab that you can download from AvSight and manually upload to ILS to update your Inventory listing. Please notify us if you will be using this feature as we need to turn on the ILS job. If you wish to automate this, contact your ILS representative and let them know you would like to automate your “Inventory Listing” using the “AvSight Nightly Update”. They will quote you a setup fee and provide you with the proper authentication if you decide to proceed. Once you have the authentication details, send us a Support Ticket and we will set it up for you in AvSight.
  • When adding a new Ship Method, user’s Company will now be defaulted automatically. No need to select your Company anymore.
  • In Form Options, converted the Footers to Rich Text fields. This will allow adding longer and formatted text like those required on Invoices for Terms and Conditions.
  • Added Imports for all the different Pricing options. NOTE: All Excel Imports currently have a 1000 line maximum.
  • Added a new Part Master Import for adding up to 1000 part masters via an Excel import. Note that the other imports like Inventory, RFQs, PO, Quotes, etc will all allow you to create an abbreviated Part Master as part of the import but this one will allow you setup the complete Part Master like Shelf Life, MFG, Prefered Supplier, Export Control, HazMat, and Part Master Comments. You can look at an existing Part Master to see the data that can be entered into each field.
  • Added a new Part Master Merge to merge up to three multiple part masters into one part master. Select one of the multiple part masters as your master record and the merge will keep the data from that column/record.  If you want to use data from one of the other part masters instead, you can select it from the other column and override the master’s data. NOTE: The Search uses a “stripped” part number search as well as a “starts with” search to find similar part numbers. Also note, that any historical records in POs, ROs, RFQs, Quotes, SOs, Inventory, Receipts, etc with the old part masters will be changed to the new Part Master.  You will lose all old history under the old part masters. There is Help text on the screen to guide you when doing the merge.
  • Administration->Company Admin->Company Master setup
    • Added SITA/Wire Code field and now shows on the ASA Certs.
    • Added Cert Status and now shows on the ASA Certs. This field has these options and you can add more if you like:
      • Type Certificate Holder
      • Production Certificate Holder
      • Supplemental Type Certificate Holder
      • Parts Manufacturing Authority
      • Technical Standard Order Holder
      • Manufactured to an established U.S. Specification
      • Repair Station (Domestic or Foreign)
      • U.S. Certificated Air Carrier
      • FAA Certificated Individual (State Type)
      • Foreign Certificated Air Carrier
      • Foreign Manufacturer
      • Surplus Parts Supplier
      • New Parts Distributor
      • Parts Broker (New Used or Surplus Parts)
      • Other

Part Research

  • Added a ‘Strip PN’ search option to the part search field. This feature is turned on by default but will remember your last setting. If you turn it off, it will stay off until you turn it on again. Turned on, the results will show parts that match regardless of any special characters that might exist in the part numbers in your system. For example, a search for A100 could show A100, A-100, A-10000.
  • Made the part number in between the “< >” (next or previous part number feature) a hyperlink. If the user clicks on the link, it will take you to the Part Master record where you View and Edit.
  • Part Research-History-Vendor Quote (RFQ) box now shows the quoted fields. It will also show records where either the Part Number requested or the Part Number quoted matches the Part Number searched.
  • Added a Part Master edit feature under the Part Menu option (middle top of Part Research).
  • Added indicators to show parts that are protected through either the Protected checkbox in the Inventory Stock Line option or through the Owner Code Available For Sale not being checked.
  • NOTE: using the <Ctrl> button and clicking any hyperlink (text in blue) in Part Research will open the link in a new tab instead of replacing your existing tab.


  • Added a new “Account #” field to Accounts. Since company names can change due to mergers and acquisitions, the Account # allows you to identify an Account no matter what name changes may occur. This field is optional for now but may be made required before use in a Sales Order or PO/RO in the future.


  • Added capability to link an Inventory Stock Line to the LOT Owner Code. By adding the INV-ID to the Owner Code setup for the LOT, the cost on the “main line” of the LOT will be automatically kept in sync with the Owner Code Remaining Cost. As the LOT Remaining Cost is reduced with each sale, so will the main line’s cost. Remember that the Owner Code Remaining Cost is the place where AvSight updates the cost of the LOT whenever Sales are done. NOTE: the use of a main line is optional but will provide that your Inventory reports also provide acquisition costs FOR LOTs.  Without a main line, your Inventory reports will be missing the total acquisition costs for LOTs. The main line can be a representative inventory line for a LOT Purchase (PN as “B747-Parts” or “PW4000-Parts”) or can be the Inventory line for a Teardown Asset.
  • Added the use of “Protected” and a “Protected Reason” of “LOT Main” to the Inventory settings to be used for the main line of a LOT. These ensure that the main line of a LOT cannot be sold by mistake. Make sure to update your main line of the LOT to be Protected.


  • Moved the “Select RFQ” button by the “Select Inventory” button.  Use these to copy info (Cond, Tag, Tag Date, and Trace) into your quote line.
  • When using the “Select Inventory” the Condition code and Trace is now updated as well.
  • When cloning a Quote, the Status of the new Quote is set to In Progress.
  • Added the Quote’s ‘Assigned To’ contact info to the Quote Document so your customer knows who to contact.
  • Made the Document links that are shown in the emailed Quote to your customer much more visible now.
  • Added New Customer and New Contact options to the Clone Customer Quote.

Sales Orders

  • Added a Non-Inventory capability to Sales Orders. Marking a Part Master as “Non-Inventory” allows entry of items like Misc Charges, Freight, Handling Fees, etc to your sales order, release and invoice without having to add fake inventory. The Allocation is just a qty field to determine how many are to be billed in that release. For example, adding a part number of “Handling Charge” with Keyword as “Fee” and marked as being “Non-Inventory” will allow you to add it to a Sales Order and bill out a Handling Charge which would normally have a qty of 1.  But if you were doing a “Monthly Overdue” fee for a core, you could have quantity greater than one if the core is overdue for 2 or more months.
  • In sales order line, renamed Outright Price to Outright Price/Core Charge for Exchanges.
  • In Generate Release screen and in the Pick Ticket, added the Sales Order Contact info and Customer PO#.
  • Added more fields to the Releases Related list for Recently Viewed.
  • Added a Billing Contact to SO Header. Also used in the Release and displayed in the Invoice if filled in.
  • Doc Changes – ASA Cert

    • Added Inventory Trace to bottom of Remarks field and display as “Last Operator”. Also added to Override screen as “Block 13a-Trace” so user can select if they want to show it and if they want to change the wording.
    • Reference field (Block 3) has been changed back to a unique identifier as required by ATA specifications. Now the Inventory Tag Reference will automatically display in Block 13a Remarks field under the Trace/Last Operator.
    • Serial Number now displays as NA when no serial number present.
    • SITA/Wire Code added to Administration->Company Admin->Company Master setup and now shows on ASA Certs.
    • ASA Cert Status added to Administration->Company Admin->Company Master setup and now shows on ASA Certs. See Administration above for more details.
  • Doc Changes – Invoice

    • Renamed Date to Invoice Date
    • Moved Country to next line in Address
    • Added new Account # field and the existing Billing Contact to display below Customer Address area. These will only show if filled in.
    • Added additional fields to Invoice like Terms, Ship Via, Date Shipped
    • Added Exchange Info under each line as needed when the Invoiced line is an exchange. Added Core Due, Outright Price/Core Charge, and Exchange Type.

PO and RO screens

  • Added a new “Payment” button at upper right within POs and ROs. This screen allows processing your vendor invoices, updates the PO and RO lines, and will integrate with Quickbooks. This screen is optional for those not using an accounting package.
  • For RO Expected PN, user now have the capability for “Add New” Part Masters.


  • Added the ability for adding “New Vendor” and “New Contact” to the Clone RFQ option


  • Added method for removing the Protected checkbox and Protected Reason to the RMA screen as an Action Button at top Right. Once the RMA is finalized, the inventory can be released into the normal inventory population.
  • NOTE: RMA screen has a “Help” button found at upper right which provides a quick guide to the steps of an RMA.

Operations Tools

  • Added search by condition code to Bulk Transfer to help with scrapping material.
  • Added an output document to Bulk transfers. The output document can be used to provide to Ops personnel when making the physical transfers like when scrapping material from stock. The output document should also be used as a record of the changes made, please keep a copy in your records.
  • Inventory Import now contains Trace column for identifying the Last Operator by name.  You will need to use the same Account Name as in the Account setup. NOTE: All Excel Imports currently have a 1000 line maximum. We are working on increasing that limit.


  • Added option of receiving more than one core for Exchanges. The receiving screen will show the current status of your Exchange Line so you can tell if you have already received a core or not before proceeding with the receipt.
  • Receiving PO now uses the PO Vendor as the default Source for all lines being received. If you do not want the Vendor to be the Source, uncheck the “Use Vendor as Source” option in the upper right of the receiving screen.
  • Added a Comments entry field to capture any comments during the receiving process. The field can be found in the TD screen as well as in the Mass Update screen and will be stored in the Inventory record as well as in the Receipt record.
  • Added a “Screen Help” to Receiving PO and RO screens to help guide the receiving process and point out any features that are available during the receipt.
  • Added MFG Date to TD screen and to Mass Update and gets stored in the Inventory record created.
  • When Receiving Exchange Cores after sending them for Repair, if the exchange was for “Cost Plus”, the cost of the repair is not applied to the inventory line.  Repair costs are only applied for Flat Rate Exchanges.  For those customers that will be using the Accounting Seed package, these will be posted as needed including the posting for the Customer billing needed.
  • Added a block to receiving LOTs as this feature is fulfilled via the Inventory Import feature using a LOT Owner Code. We will soon unblock the receiving screen and add the import directly in there.

Report Data Improvements

  • Added Owner Code to Receipt data. You can now edit your Receipt reports to include Owner.
  • Added Customer and Vendor to Release. You can now edit Release and Shipped reports to show these as well.
  • Added Owner Code to the Release Lines.  You can now edit Release and Shipped reports to show these as well.

Bug Fixes

  • Bulk Transfer had issues for tied lines or when transferring Release (Pick Tickets) when updating warehouses and using the partial transfer feature.  The partial transfer has been removed for now and the full transfer has been fixed so that the logic of when you can change the Warehouse field has been implemented.  The Warehouse field will become available when your changes can be done, otherwise it will be grayed out (like trying to update the warehouse on only some lines of a pick ticket). The Partial transfer will be on a coming release.
  • “Protected” checkbox in the Inventory line will not allow the Inventory line to be allocated and hence prevent it from being sold.
  • “Available for Sale” in the Owner Code can be removed to also block allocation and sales of the entire Inventory under that owner code.
  • Removed the “New” option for creating Allocations manually. Allocations must be done from the SO Line “Allocation” button.
  • Removed the “New” option for creating Releases manually. Releases must be created from “Generate Release” option in Sales Orders.
  • In Sales Order addresses, fixed a bug in certain situations where addresses being filled in were being overwritten or not saved correctly.
  • Made Billing Addresses read only in Sales Order screen. This was done as a change to Billing Address should be done at the Account, not in the Sales Order after reviewing the circumstances causing it to be changed.
  • Release Line Value was using the SO line data instead of the Release line data to calculate the Line Value.
  • Removed Address 2 from Releases as the regular address field allows adding many address lines anyways and is therefore not needed.
  • Hid all Tax fields as they were not working properly. Once we determine the Tax handling in AvSight and how it will integrate with Accounting, we will add them back.

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