How do I add new options to existing fields?

AvSight is built to be flexible. This flexibility allows you to add new options to existing fields (ex: adding a new industry or account type to the account record) or even create new fields. This FAQ shows how you can add options to existing fields. Adding new fields is covered in a different FAQ.

For this FAQ, we will add a new option to the “Type” field in the account object.

Since, in this example, we will be modifying a field in the “Accounts” object, we will first need to open an account record.

Access Setup – Edit Object

After clicking the gear in the upper right section of the screen, a menu will appear. You can access this information in a number of different ways, but we will select the option “Edit Object” for this example.

Selecting this option, takes you directly to the setup screen that will allow you to modify many of the options and fields for the current object. (In this case, “Accounts”)

Select “Fields and Relationships”

Select "Fields and Relationships"

There are a number of options for editing this “Account” object, but for this FAQ we will be using the “Fields & Relationships” option on the left side of the screen.

Select the “Type” field

Select the "Type" field

After selecting the “Fields & Relationships” option, a listing of all the fields related to this object (“Account”) are shown. Scroll down and select the “Type” field on the right. Alternatively, you can enter “Type” in the “Find in Page” (2) box in the upper right to filter the fields listed on the screen.

Click “New”

Click "New"

This screen shows the options available for the “Type” field. Here you can add new options, delete, replace, or reorder options shown in the “Type” field.

To enter a new option, simply click “new” and enter the values you would like to be available in this field. You can add multiple options at a time.

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