Adding Additional Options to Picklists

AvSight Customization—Adding Additional Options to Picklists

Many of the screens in AvSight contain dropdown lists or picklists containing a series of choices available for that field.  While these choices include those that are most used in the industry, they may not suit all of the needs of a particular company.  Because AvSight was designed to be flexible, it contains the ability to modify many of those lists to provide choices that may better suit the needs of a particular company.  This article wil cover the basics of editing a picklist to add additional choices.  CAUTION: While not dificult, this process will access areas that will allow fields other than picklists to be modified.  Modifying these other fields without the direction of AvSight Support may break functionality.

Commonly Edited Areas

Accounts Parts Master Inventory RMA
Account Region ATA Inventory Classification Type
Account Type Applicability Protected Reason  
Customer Class Product Line Rejection Reason  
Customer Type   Tags  

The Process

To begin, select the tab of the area you would like to edit from the main navigation menu. In this tutorial, we will edit a picklist in the Accounts tab.  Select the Accounts tab, then click the gear icon and select Edit Object from the resulting options

Pay particular attention to the Data Type column.  Only edit fields that are of data type “Picklist” or “Picklist (multi-Select).

Click on the name of the field to open the edit page for that field.  In this case, the Account Source field needs to be edited to add a new source for customer leads.  Select Account Source from the field name list on the left to open the editor.

In the Source Picklist Values section, click New to add a new choice for the picklist.  Multiple values can be added at the same time by placing each item on a separate line in the textbox.

CAUTION: While the links in the Action column are functional, with great power comes great responsibility.  Altering an existing value may negatively impact existing entries or break functionality.  Only adding items to a list and reordering the items should be performed without the assistance of AvSight Support.

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