Configure Email Relay in Salesforce for AvSight emails

The AvSight system by default uses the Salesforce email servers to send out emails. Using Salesforce email relay, you have the ability to route AvSight emails through your corporate email servers rather than through Salesforce. There are various advantages to using your corporate email server.

Emails sent through Salesforce will contain a “via” caption that is a clear message to recipients that the message is a non-personal bulk sent email.


Emails sent from Salesforce this way may get caught in inbox spam filters that look for the “via” caption.

Why?  Email services want to protect users against misleading messages from unknown and/or untrusted sources.

Thankfully, you can mitigate this issue by relaying the emails through your Office 365, Gmail, or Exchange Server instead.

You will need to be an administrator of your Salesforce org and will need administrative access to your IT infrastructure and/or email system.

Use the links below for guidance on setting up your Salesforce/AvSight email relaying.

Which option is best?

Send through Gmail or Office365

Send through Exchange or other mail services

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