Repair Order, Issuing Parts for Consumption

AvSight Purchasing & Repair—Issuing Parts for RO Consumption Topics Covered Considerations before enabling RO IssuesEnabling RO Parts Issue in SettingsThe RO Issue ProcessShipping the partsReceiving the Repaired ComponentRestocking (if needed)Related Topics: At times, it may be cost effective or otherwise beneficial to supply the parts needed when having a major […]

Processing Purchases for Teardown

AvSight Purchasing—Processing Purchases for Tear down The Process at a Glance Acquiring the main componentReceiving the new assetSending the Main Component to be DisassembledCreating a Repair TypePrep for Receiving the Disassembled PartsCreating a new owner codeReceiving the new partsMethod 1. Inventory UploadMethod 2 Receiving a Lot POReceiving the RORelated Articles […]

Creating and Maintaining Shipping Methods

AvSight Administration—Creating and Maintaining Shipping MethodsAvSight comes preloaded with a number of commonly used shipping methods.  However, as they are supplied by default there are no account numbers associated with them and not all possible shipping methods are included. This article will help you create and edit shipping methods used in […]

Uploading and Sharing Files in AvSight

AvSight Global—Uploading and Sharing Files in AvSightTopics Covered:HeaderAttaching Files During WorkflowUpdating or Removing FilesAttaching Files During ReceivingSharing FilesUploading Files ManuallyUpdating Files in the RepositoryAvSight provides a simple, yet powerful way to manage documents throught the application. Documents such as images, PDFs, text, spreadsheets and others can provide a virtual paper […]

Working With Quick Comments

AvSight Administration—Working With Quick CommentsThis article will cover the basics of creating Quick Comments in the AvSight system. Prerequisites: None Oftentimes similar comments are added to process documents regularly. AvSight provides the ability create Quick Comments in order to simplify adding text that is used regularly in comments in Customer Quotes, RFQs, […]

Account Approvals

AvSight Administration—Setting up Account ApprovalsTopics covered in this article include:Setting up automated account approvalsSetting up manual account approvals Account Approvals provides a way to streamline the workflow for accounts by setting an approval for transaction types and adding an expiration date for the approval.  This article will help you set up […]

Importing Lines to a RFQ, PO or Customer Quote

Prerequisites:A new or existing RFQ, PO or Customer Quote  When creating RFQs, POs or Customer Quotes that contain many line items, it may save time to import a spreadsheet containing the required information rather than manually adding them line by line.  This article will outline the steps to accomplish this […]

Working with RFQs

AvSight Inventory Management—Working with RFQs This article will cover the basics of creating RFQs in the AvSight system. Prerequisites: None Information needed to complete the steps: Required:   Vendor Condition Code Part Number Quantity Requested Unit Price   RFQs allow you to request pricing, terms and availability from a vendor. […]

Merging Duplicate Accounts

AvSight Administration—Merging Duplicate Accounts AvSight includes a duplicate checking process that can prevent the creation of duplicate accounts.  Enabling the feature requires creating Duplicate Rules to verify that the fields specified in the rule do not match another, existing record. Creating Duplicate Rules is covered in another article. Duplicate accounts […]