Working With Quick Comments

AvSight Administration—Working With Quick Comments

This article will cover the basics of creating Quick Comments in the AvSight system.

Prerequisites: None

Oftentimes similar comments are added to process documents regularly. AvSight provides the ability create Quick Comments in order to simplify adding text that is used regularly in comments in Customer Quotes, RFQs, Purchase Orders, Repair Orders, Sales Orders and Invoices when needed. In this article we will create Quick Comments to associate with specific forms and comment fields throughout the AvSight System.

Creating a Quick Comment

  1. Login to the AvSight system and Navigate to Administration on the right side of the AvSight Menu. On narrower resolution screens you may need to select the More tab and choose Administration from the drop down list.
  2. Select Master Tables in the Page Level Menu.
  3. Select the Quick Comments button to open the Quick Comments screen.
    1. By default, the Quick Comments screen defaults to Recently Viewed, to change this, select the drop down next to Recently Viewed and choose All. This will ensure a Quick Comment hasn’t already been set up.
  4. Select New from the menu on the right side of the Quick Comments screen and the New Quick Comment form will open.

1) Comment Name  Give the comment a name.  This should be something that is descriptive of which form the comment applies to and its purpose—i.e. “PO External SO Verify Shipping” Address.
2) Comment Available  Select which forms will have the comment available.  Select the form on the left and click the right arrow to add it to the chosen box.  Selections can be removed by selecting on the right and clicking the left arrow.  Multiple forms can be added at one time by Control clicking or Shift clicking multiple forms.
3) Comment Type Choose which type of comment field will be able to have the Quick Comment available—internal, external or both.
4) Comment  Add the text of the comment.
5) Save to save the comment and exit, or click Save & New to save this comment and open another New Quick Comment form.

Using Quick Comments

Once Quick Comments have been created, they will be available to apply to any forms for which they were created.  To use a Quick Comment, open a form such as a Sales Order—either a new or existing one.  In this instance we will use an existing sales order and apply a Quick Comment to the header section.

Open the sales order and under the Header tab scroll to the comments section.  Notice that there is now a field above the Internal Comments field indicating that there are internal comments available. Click the pencil icon to edit field and either search for an existing comment, select a recently used comment or click the “+” sign to add one on the fly.

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