Working with RFQs

AvSight Inventory Management—Working with RFQs

This article will cover the basics of creating RFQs in the AvSight system.

Prerequisites: None

Information needed to complete the steps:

Vendor Condition Code
Part Number Quantity Requested
Unit Price  

RFQs allow you to request pricing, terms and availability from a vendor. In this article we will cover the process of creating and submitting an RFQ. Working with RFQs is a process that is integrated with many of the other parts of AvSight and will require information from other areas already covered in earlier articles.  As with all of the AvSight screens this required information can be created while working within a related area, it highly recommended that you complete all of the previous articles under Administration, Inventory Management and Contact Management first.

Creating an RFQ

  1. Login to the AvSight system and Navigate to RFQs on the AvSight Menu. On narrower resolution screens you may need to select the More tab and choose RFQs from the drop down list.
  2. Select New in the Page Level Menu.
    1. By default, the RFQ screen defaults to Recently Viewed, to change this, select the drop down next to Recently Viewed and choose All.  This will ensure an RFQ hasn’t already been created.
  3. Select New from the menu on the right side of the RFQ screen and the New RFQ form will open.
    • Required fields:
      • Vendor
  4. Enter the required information and any additional desired information and click Save.

Completing the RFQ Process

Once an RFQ is saved, you are automatically taken to the next step of the process—Lines.  This area will allow you to add line items to your RFQ.  Please note: at any time in the process, the information from a previous step may be edited by simply clicking on that section in the page menu. As each section of the process is completed, clicking Mark Status as Complete will automatically move to the next phase of the process. Most of the screens in the process will allow you to enter comments as part of the process.  Internal comments will only appear in the AvSight system.  External comments will be printed on any correspondence with the vendor.

Adding a Line Item

On the Lines screen, click new from the page menu to open the New RFQ Line page. Only the part number and Quantity Requested fields are required.  However, many of the optional fields will provide additional helpful information. After completing the necessary information, click Save.

If additional line items are needed click New. After all line items have been entered, you may review and edit theinformation by selecting Lines List View from the menu.

Additional Tabs

Since the RFQ process is integrated with other areas of AvSight, the remaining tabs will allow you to assign a task or log a call (Activity), See any changes that have been made to the RFQ (Audit Trail), upload files or see any other information associated with the RFQ (All Related).

Generating the RFQ

If all information is complete, click Mark Status as Complete.  At this point an RFQ can be generated. From the page menu, Click Generate PO.  This will open a dialogue box to allow the RFQ to be sent to the vendor for processing. If a contact was specified in the Header section, that email address will be pre-filled in the form. Complete any other information you would like to include in the email and click send.  An entry will be placed in the activity tab indicating that an email was sent to the vendor. Mark the status Send to Vendor as complete. After the RFQ is received, RFQ can be marked as complete. And converted to a PO if desired.

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