AvSight User Creation Quick Start Guide

The following steps will help you to quickly create users in your AvSight System. Each of these sections is required for each AvSight user. For more detailed information, please see the list of related articles at the end of this article.

Creating a User Account

  1. Log into Avsight and click the gear icon ion the upper right hand corner and choose Setup.
  2. On the left sidebar in the Administration section, expand the Users menu and select Users.
  3. Select New in the page menu.
  4. Fill in the required information using the following information for the Role, Profile and License
    • Role: <None Specified>
    • Profile: Systems Admin Clone
    • User License: Salesforce
  5. Enter any other required information and click Save.

Adding a Permission Set and Site License

  1. From the users screen described above click in the username to be edited.
  2. Click Permission Set Assignments
  3. Click Edit Assignments and choose AvSight Full Administrator in the left box and click the Add arrow.
  4. Click Save
  5. Scroll down to Managed Packages and click the Assigned Licenses button.
  6. In the Unassigned Packages section click AvSight then Add.

Creating a New Employee

  1. If still on the Setup page, click the App Launcher in the upper left hand corner and select AvSight from the App Launcher.
  2. In the AvSight menu select Administration (on narrower resolution screens you may need to select More first).
  3. In the Administration screen click on the Employee Master button.
  4. Select New from the page menu to open the New Employee screen.
  5. In the search box type the User Account Name created in the first section of this article.
  6. Click in the Company Name field and type in the Company ID.
  7. Click Save.

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