Shipping a Repair Order

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Shipping a Repair Order

Similar to shipping a Sales Order, a release must be generated in order to ship the inventory lines from the warehouse.


2. Address Tab

This tab holds both the billing and shipping information for the repair order. This information defaults to the addresses on the account, but you can override any of these fields.

3. Options Tabs

Click on the Options Tab to edit Request Ship Date, Paperwork Only, Hold, etc.


4. Paperwork Only

Date the repair part is being requested to be shipped from the warehouse.


5. Paperwork Only

This option tells the operations team that the part has already left the warehouse physically, and this release just needs to be processed in AvSight.


6. Hold?

Puts the repair order on hold.  A release can still be picked and packaged, but AvSight will not allow a release to be shipped while on hold.


7. Order Hold

If the release was on hold, this field is used to show why the release is on hold.


8. AOG

This is an indicator to the warehouse that this is an AOG release.



Internal comments: Are restricted to company only. These comments are not shown on any form sent to customers or vendors.

External Comments: Can be printed on the document and can be seen by customers and vendors.

Shipping and Internal instructions: This field is used to provide any notes needed by the warehouse for specific shipping instructions.


10. Shipping and Internal Instruction

Any specific shipping and handing instructions needed.

11. Ship Method

The ship method field informs the operations team about the method of shipping being requested. Examples include FedEx Standard, or FedEx Overnight, etc. Shipping methods are managed in the Administration section of AvSight. Please refer to the Administration training for additional information on shipment methods.


12. Account #

Account number of the shipping carrier. For instance, the account number to be used for FedEx, or UPS.


13. Bill Freight

This field lets the warehouse and finance team know who will be paying for the freight on this release.


14. Account Terms

This is a required field that lets the system know how the release will be paid. This field also determines if a credit check is performed on the release. For additional information on the Account Terms field, please see the administration training module.


15. Click on Release

Once the adjustments have been made, click on Release.