How to Create a Repair Order

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How to Create Repair Order

The application launcher is how you navigate between the different applications that are a part of AvSight. Applications are a way of grouping functions to work more effectively.


2. The Avsight Applications

Although there can be many different applications, and your screen may vary depending on your security rights, the AvSight application is often where you will spend most of your time. If you are already in the AvSight application, there is no need to change.


3. Repair Orders Tab

In order to access the Repair Order Menu click on the Repair Order tab. Your screen may look different depending on your settings and security, or depending on the size of your monitor, this menu item may be visible without first clicking “More”.


4. Repair Orders Down Arrow

For many tabs, you also have the option of clicking the down arrow next to “Repair Order”. Clicking the down arrow allows you to see the 3 most recent quotes you have been working on. You can create a new quote from here, as well as access any recent list views. List views will be discussed in a different training lesson.


5. Click on New

Once you click on the Repair Order tab, you are brought to a list view of the most recent quotes you have been working on. In the upper right section of the screen is a “Quick Actions” section, where “New” is an option. Clicking on this button allows you to create a new quote. This process starts with creating a repair header.


6. Note

The red asterisks are required fields and must be filled in for each Repair Order.


7. Vendor

The account receiving the Repair Order. If the account does not exist, you may select the “+ New Account” option to create a new account.


8. Contact

The contact is used to hold the contact at the company you are working with. While not required, this information is used in other places in the Repair Order process such as when generating and emailing the RO. The contact information prints on the quote. If you do not see your contact in this list, you can select the “+ New Contact” option to create a new contact.

9. Urgency

Represents the priority of the Repair Order. You can select different options based on your needs by clicking the down arrow.


10. Requested Ship Date Date

This is the date you would like the release to be shipped from the warehouse.


11. Aircraft on Ground (AOG)

This is an indicator to the warehouse that this is an AOG release.


12. Ship To Location

Physical location where the Repair Order will be returned to.


13. Account Reference Number

Account number of the shipping carrier. For instance, the account number to be used for FedEx, or UPS.


14. Ship Method

Various options for shipping such as FedEx Standard, or FedEx Overnight, etc. Shipping methods are managed in the Administration section of AvSight. Please refer to the Administration training module for additional information on shipment methods.


15. Ship Terms

The person responsible for payment of the freight charged.


16. Bill Freight Via

This field lets the warehouse and finance team know who will be paying for the freight on this release.


17. Shipping Information

This section contains billing and shipping information for the Repair Order. Use these fields to override the default address of the vendor.



Internal comments: Are restricted to company only and not visible on the release.

External Comments: Can be printed on the document and can be seen by customer and vendors.

Shipping and Internal instructions: This field is used to provide any notes needed by the warehouse for specific shipping instructions.


19. Owner and Company Information

Company: AvSight supports multiple corporate legal entities. This field will default to the company specified on your employee record. To learn more about company records and employee records, please refer to the Administration training module.

Assigned to: The Assigned To field defaults to the person creating the Repair Order, but can be changed if you are creating this Repair Order for someone else.


20. Click on Save

Once the Repair Order has been completed, Click Save.