Create or Clone a RFQ

Create a RFQ (Vendor Quote)

  1. Navigate to the AvSight application, and navigate to the RFQs tab
  2. On the RFQs page, click New
  3. On the New RFQ page, enter the RFQ Header Information
    • Required Fields:
      • Vendor - This is the vendor you are sending the RFQ to. As you start to type the name of the vendor, a drop down list is shown based on the text you are entering. 
  4. If left blank, the following fields will populate with system or account defaults:
    • Ship To Location
    • Ship Method
    • Acct#
    • Company
  5. Complete any additional fields as required such as Contact, Terms or Urgency and click Save
  6. Enter new RFQ Lines by clicking the New button in the Line tab
  7. On the New RFQ Line page, enter the line information
    • Required Fields
      • Part Number - This is the part number used for quoting. This part number must be found in your companies part master. As you start typing the part number, a list of matching parts is shown.
      • Quantity Requested - This is the quantity you are requesting from the vendor
  8. Complete any additional fields as required such as Initial Promise Date, Expected Delivery, or any comments
  9. Click Save
  10. Add any additional lines as needed

Clone a RFQ

The Clone w/ Lines feature provides an efficient way to duplicate a previously entered RFQ.

  1. Navigate to the AvSight application, and navigate to the RFQs tab
  2. On the RFQ page, click the RFQ you wish to clone.
  3. Click the Clone w/ Lines button.
  4. On the Clone RFQ and RFQ Lines page, enter the Vendor and Contact of the new RFQ. 
  5. Click Clone.

On the RFQ page, update any information as needed and click Save.

Please Note:

  • If the AvSight system option Require Account Approvals? is enabled, the vendor selected must be approved for RFQs

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