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AvSight Operations—Mobile Picking

AvSight offers a full suite of functionality using the SalseForce app available for iOS and Android devices.  This article will focus on Operations and speeding up the shipping process via the Mobile Picking feature.  For an overview of using the mobile app, see the Related Topics below.


Working with Outbound Shipments

To begin, log in to the SalesForce app and select Mobile Picking from the menu.  On the Mobile Picking screen, sort the Releases by the desired type.

For this scenario, the Release Number was chosen for the criterion. Select the Company Location and any open releases associated with the selected location will appear on the screen—each line item will appear grouped with the parent release.  Select the line item to be picked and enter the quantity picked in the Qty Picked field and click Picked.  Repeat until all line items for this shipment have been picked.

At this point the Release will be moved to the Outbound QC phase of the shipping process and the shipment can be completed as normal or can be completed using the Mobile App.

To continue with the app, select Operations from the menu.

Just like the web version of AvSight there are options to print docs, attach docs to the release, and view existing docs and Tech Data. Completing Outbound QC will move the release into the Shipping phase.  To complete the shipping process. Select the Shipping tab and the Release Number. Complete the necessary fields and click Ship.

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