Data Import Wizard

Use the “Data Import Wizard” found under the Setup menu.

  1. Run the Owner Code Report under AvSight Finance folder and then Export it to your computer.
  2. Open the exported file in Excel and then make a working copy of the tab so you have an original unmodified copy of the report to reference and for a Backup. This is a very important step! Save as “Owner Code Original -date.xlsx.
  3. In the copied tab, remove all columns except the Owner Code and ID Column.
  4. Make your changes to the Owner Codes as needed as save as “Owner Code Final.csv”.
  5. Make another copy of the final tab, label the tab as “test”, delete all but 1 record so you can test with, save as “Owner Code Test.csv”.
  6. Go to Setup-Data Import Wizard.
  7. “Launch Wizard”
  8. Select “Customer Objects” tab, then “Owner Code”.
  9. Select “Update Existing Records”
  10. Match the “ ID” to the report column labeled “Owner ID”.
  11. Choose your “Test.csv” file with the test record and click “Next”.
  12. Map Owner Code column in file to Owner Code and Owner ID to ID
  13. Finish the wizard and confirm the update takes place as you wanted.
  14. Repeat steps 5-12 with the saved “Final.csv” file.


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