Creating Repair Types

This article will cover the basics of creating Repair Line Type Codes in the AvSight system.

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Repair Type Code Description

When creating Repair Orders, it is helpful for reporting purposes to provide a Repair Line Type in order to specify the business case of the repair being accomplished.  There are a set of codes included with Avsight, however, additional codes may be added as needed. The default codes provided will be:

  • RE – normal repairs consisting of an estimate, estimate approval, and entering of a cost of repair
  • WR – warranty evaluation by shop, may be related to a customer RMA
  • EX – exchange core repair, usually a normal repair process

In this article we will create custom Repair Type codes to specify the type of repair to be performed on a repair order.

Creating a Repair Type Code

  1. Login to the AvSight system and Navigate to Administration on the AvSight Menu. On narrower resolution screens you may need to select the More tab and choose Administration from the drop down list.
  2. Select Master Tables in the Page Level Menu.
  3. Select the Repair Type Master button to open the Repair Types Master screen.
    1. By default, the Repair Types Master screen defaults to Recently Viewed, to change this, select the drop down next to Recently Viewed and choose All. This will ensure a Repair Type hasn’t already been created.
  4. Select New from the menu on the right side of the Repair Type Master screen and the New Repair Type form will open.
    • Required fields:
      • Repair Type
    • While not required, the following field will be helpful:
      • Description
  5. Enter the required information and any additional desired information and click Save.

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