How to Convert an RFQ to Purchase Order (PO)

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Converting a RFQ to Purchase Order (PO)

1. Click on Convert to PO

Once the vendor has responded and the price has been accepted, click here to convert the selected RFQ (Vendor Quotes) to convert to Purchase Order. To learn more about Purchase Orders, please refer to the Purchase Order Training module.


2. Converting to Purchase Order

Warehouse – A warehouse is required for all Purchase Order Lines. While it is not required to select a warehouse in this box, a warehouse will be required to create the PO, so entering it here can be more efficient.

Owner Code – An owner code is also required for all Purchase Order Lines, and is treated very similar to the Warehouse field described earlier.

Qty Qtd – The Quantity Quoted field is used to tell AvSight the quantity to purchase. This amount is used in the Quantity Ordered field of the PO after conversion.

Copy Over Comments – Both of these checkboxes allow you to decide if the comments on the RFQ should be copied over to the PO header and Lines. By selecting this option, any comments on the RFQ will be copied to the PO.

3. Click on Convert

This will take all the information from the RFQ and automatically create the purchase order.