Creating a Customer Quote

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Customer Quote Creation

1. Click on Create Customer Quote

To create a Customer Quote from the RFQ, click the Convert to PO button to convert the selected RFQ (Vendor Quotes) to a Customer Quote. To learn more about Customer Quotes, please refer to the Customer Quote Training module.


2. Header Information

Customer: This is the Customer you would like to quote using the lines selected below. If the customer does not currently exist in AvSight, you have the option to add a new customer here.

Contact: This is an optional field that allows you to select the contact you would like to send this Customer Quote to. The contact must exist in AvSight to be selected, but if you need to add a new contact, select “Add New Contact” from the drop down list.

3. Line Information and Comments

Line Information: This section of the screen is used to select the lines you would like to add to the Customer Quote. Each line selected will be created in the new Customer Quote. In addition, you can change the “Type Quoted” to reflect how you would like to Quote. The most common option is “Outright” (For a greater description of these Quote Types, please see the Customer Quoting training module).

Copy Over Comments: Both of these checkboxes allow you to decide if the comments on the RFQ should be copied over to the PO header and Lines. By selecting this option, any comments on the RFQ will be copied to the PO.

4. Click on Create Quote

This will take all the information from RFQ and automatically create the purchase order.