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Repair Management is the process of managing your customer’s parts through repair. Repair Orders (ROs) allow you to manage the parts while being serviced by a vendor and record costs as applicable. The repair process involves a multi-step process that will ensure that a customer’s part will be visible and tracked in the system and protected from being inadvertently sold to another customer.  Before following the steps outlined below, please review the articles regarding the basics of Owner Codes, POs, ROs, Shipping and Receiving listed in the related articles below.

The Process

In order to effectively track parts for repair management, a separate and dedicated owner code should be created and set to “lot” type.  For example, a lot owner code of REPMGMT would highlight the fact that any parts associated with that owner code were in repair management.

In order to receive the part to be repaired from a customer, either a LOT PO for the owner code is required or an Import for the customer’s inventory will be required.  Create a lot PO with a generic item, assign the owner code created above, and receive the goods against that LOT PO.  NOTE: To prevent the customer items from being available for sale, open the “Tech Data dialogue and select the “Protected” checkbox and use “Customer Property” as the reason for protection.  This will flag that particular item and prevent it from being inadvertently sold or used for another purpose.

Create a Repair Order using the inventory line noted above and ship the part to the vendor, following the steps in the repair order article listed below.  Once the vendor quotes the repair, update the repair costs and expected condition of the RO line.  After the part is repaired, it can be processed through the RO receiving process as normal.  NOTE: The inventory record created for the received part will be different than the one created when the part was initially received.  It is also a good practice to again set the inventory to “Protected” during the RO receipt to prevent it from being inadvertently allocated elsewhere.

To finish the process, a Sales Order is created to return the part to the original customer and invoice for the repair.  Before allocating the items to be shipped, the inventory will need to be unprotected. Please refer to the Creating and Maintaining Inventory article.

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