Modifying Work Order Template Categories

AvSight Customization—Modifying Work Order Template Categories

AvSight provides the ability to create re-usable templates that aid in the creating of Work Orders.  AvSight includes a default set of often used template categories, but these may not suit the needs of all companies.  This article will cover the basics of adding additional categories to be assigned to work order templates.  CAUTION: While not difficult, this process will access areas that will allow fields other than template categories to be modified.  Modifying these other fields without the direction of AvSight Support may break functionality.

The Process

Start by logging into AvSight and selecting the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Select Setup from the drop down menu. On the resulting screen select Object Manager and then select Work Order from the list.  NOTE: If there is more than one Work Order label in the list, select the one with the API Name inscor__Work_Order__c.

On the next screen, select Fields and Relationships in the left column and scroll to and select the field labeled Template Category

On the Template Category page, scroll down to the Values section and click View Template Category Value Set to display the list of existing categories.

Click New to open the new Template Category screen.  Add the name of the desired category templates to the resulting text box and click save.  Multiple template names can be added simultaneously by putting each category name on a separate line in the box.

CAUTION: While the links in the Values column are functional, with great power comes great responsibility.  Altering an existing value may negatively impact existing entries or break functionality.  Only adding items to a list and reordering the items should be performed without the assistance of AvSight Support.

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