Enter a Vendor Invoice to a Purchase Order (Pay)

Enter a Vendor Invoice to a Purchase Order (Pay)

  1. Navigate to the AvSight application, and navigate to the Purchase Orders tab. Optionally, enter the PO number in the Salesforce global search
  2. Click the Pay button in the top section of the screen
  3. On the Pay Purchase Order Lines page, enter the ​Invoice Information
    • Required Fields:
      • Date of Invoice
      • Invoice #
    • Optional Fields
      • Due Date
      • Freight Amount
  4. For each line of the invoice, enter the Qty to Pay from the invoice
  5. Once all the data is entered, click Submit

Please Note:

  • Price and other information from the PO line cannot be edited on this screen. If any changes need to be made to the Price, the Purchase Order must be edited.
  • The Quantity Paid field is increased by the quantity entered in this screen
  • Depending on the accounting system being used, information about the journal accounts that are used for the credits and debits, can be found in the accounting section of the Knowledge Base

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