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Having information at your fingertips is critical to managing a business and at AvSight, we take that seriously.   To make part information even easier to find, AvSight now includes the Active Part Search feature.  Active Part Search is available in any of the standard AvSight modules—RFQ, PO, RO, Customer Quotes, Sales Orders and Quote 360.

To access Active Part Search, create a new or open an existing record of the types listed above. Select one of the Lines with a part number and click Active Part Search to open the Part Research page for the selected part.

Customizing Active Part Search

Active Part Search can also be customized to display the information in a way that may be more effective for each company.  To customize the tabs in Active Part Search, open the AvSight Setings page under SalesForce Administration (See Related Topics below). The default tab columns and item order are displayed in each of the text boxes for the appropriate settings.  To edit the order or column it appears in move the corresponding column name to a different position.  For instance by default BOM appears at the bottom of the first column of the History tab.  To move it to the top of that column, add BOM to the front of the list. To remove altogether, simply delete BOM from the text box.  NOTE: Each item in the list must be followed by a comma, except for the final item, which should have nothing after it. In the same way, items can be moved from one column to another.  When finished, click Save to apply the changes.

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