Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Free Trial Quick Start Guide and thank you for choosing AvSight.  This walk through is designed to help you get the most out of your preview of AvSIght and get up to speed with the key features of AvSight.  This course is designed to be free-form, so that you can choose to focus on the areas that are of the most interest to you. While you can start with any of the topics, we strongly suggest that you start with the Navigation topic so you can easily find your way around.  We have also provided a scenario that flows through the sales process in order for you to see how to use AvSight in a real world situation.  The scenario involves creating a new vendor and contact that are used throughout the scenario.  However, there are other customers/vendors/contacts already in the system if you'd like to bypass that section.  Your company is already set up as AvSight Aviation.  There are also two vendors/customers already setup:



Avco Aviation

BIll Johnson

Speed Aviation

Bill Bowers

Feel free to use them or create your own. In fact, this is a fully functional version of AvSight, so you can feel free to create or edit anything you like.  At the end of each article, there are links to to more detailed support articles and how to's, if you would like to see some of the more advanced capabilities of AvSight.  Click on one of the topics below to get started and enjoy your tour!