Adding a Line

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Adding a Line to the Purchase Order

New: Creates a new Purchase Order line.
Edit: Allows you to edit the currently selected line.
Delete: Deletes the currently selected line.
Note: Edit and Delete options will be available once a line has been created.

2. Part Number

The Part number is the part you are buying. This part must exist in AvSight before it can be ordered. Please see the Administration training module for more information about Part Masters.


3. Condition Code

Condition of the part being bought. These conditions vary depending on your setup, but typically include Factory New (FN), New Surplus (NS), Overhaul (OH), etc.


4. Owner Code (Required Field)

Owner Codes are a core concept in AvSight. Each inventory line is required to have an owner code, and those codes determine how a inventory line is handled financially. AvSight supports 3 main costing modules through the use of Owner Codes.


5. Warehouse

Virtual location of where the part will be delivered. Warehouse allows for the segmenting of inventory by warehouse.


6. Type Quoted

 Outright: This is the most common type of Purchase and designates that the line is being directly purchased.

 Exchange: Exchanges will be covered in a separate training module.


7. Quantity

Add the quantity you are quoting to the vendor.


8. Financial

This section allows you to put a specific price for certain category such as shipping and tax or any other amount that may be needed.

9. Tracking

This section allows you to track delivery metrics from the vendor. Using the different fields allows you to track on time delivery performance for each vendor.



Internal comments: Are restricted to company only and not visible on the release.

External Comments: Can be printed on the document and can be seen by customer and vendors.


11. Save

Click on save to add a line to the Purchase Order.


12. Added Line

The added line appears on the left side here.