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1. Application Launcher

AvSight consists of multiple applications, each of which can be accessed by clicking the dotted icon in the upper left. This icon is referred to as the “App Launcher”. The applications menu provides the user a way to organize tabs into a single place. Your screen may vary depending on what applications are installed and your security level, but all applications can be accessed in a single place.

2. AvSight Applications

Each application contains a number of tabs and screens, and these are grouped by application.


There are 2 main application for AvSight. The training for each application is discussed in detail in other training videos, but they are described as an overview below.

3. AvSight

The AvSight application here contains most of the “Front Office” functions. These functions can include Repair Orders, Sales Orders, Customer Quotes, as well as additional functionality.

4. AvSight – Operations

The AvSight Operations application contains all the screens and data needed for warehouse operations.