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The home screen can be customizable according to your preference. This will always be the first screen you see when logging into AvSight. To customize this screen, please see your AvSight administrator.


2. Tabs

Although what you see might differ from what’s currently on the screen, the modules for AvSight are shown as tabs across the top of the screen. Each tab gives the user access to specific data or screen. For example, data about Customers and Vendors is shown in the “Accounts” tab. Clicking on the tabs allows you to see individual records for the category selected. For example: Click on Account Tab to view accounts.


3. Tab Notes

Tabs can two different categories:

To show individuals records (contains down arrow)

To open a screen (does not contain down arrow)


4. Gobal Toolbar

At the bottom of every screen is the “Global Toolbar”. This toolbar shows on every screen in AvSight, and does not interrupt the screen you are currently viewing. Currently there are 3 options in this toolbar:

Recent Items: This option allows you to view the 5 most recent records you have viewed

Part Research:  This option gives you the ability to open Part Research at any time without interrupting your current work. All functionality is available in this Part Research screen.

My Work:  This option shows the same information as the default Home Page. These records are all the documents currently assigned to you.