Reporting Essentials

Click the “Reports” tab at the top – Sometimes found under “More” Open an existing report by clicking on the Report Name Any reports that have been recently opened are shown by default. By clicking on any of the other options on the left, you can navigate to other existing […]

Using Part Research

How To: Use Part Research In this lesson you will learn how to use the Part Research module in two unique ways. Option 1: Main Navigation Bar Step 1: As displayed above, navigate to the “Part Research” module located on the Main Navigation Bar which spans the top of your browser session. Step […]

What are Owner Codes?

Owner Code Definition Owner codes are the foundation for the identification and control of inventory within AvSight. They not only control the financial calculations done within transactions but are also useful in grouping and identifying the inventory and its performance. Do you need to track the performance of a large […]

How do I add custom and new fields?

Considerations before adding new fieldsWe recommend putting in a support ticket before adding new fields, for the following reasons.  1- Your new field may be on our roadmap, if so we can let you know as you may want to wait before adding the new field. 2- Some fields, like certain picklists, […]

How do I add new options to existing fields?

AvSight is built to be flexible. This flexibility allows you to add new options to existing fields (ex: adding a new industry or account type to the account record) or even create new fields. This FAQ shows how you can add options to existing fields. Adding new fields is covered […]